Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dr. Gene Scott

Be careful of this guy. He is now deceased and his wife runs his ministry, however she continually has his teachings aired on cable TV. I heard him say that the book of James is uninspired and shouldn't be in the New Testament. He misunderstands James' teaching of faith and works. We are not saved by faith and works but by faith alone. When James talks of being justified by faith and works he is talking about the life we live after that point of salvation by faith alone. We come to a point of repentance and are saved and now we live a life of good works that glorify our heavenly father and not works to be saved, but rather works because we are saved. If Dr. Scott wants to throw James out of the Bible it just makes me wonder what else would he like to take out of God's Word.


Anonymous said...

I agree. This guy is off the deep end with respect to James.

Rita said...

People should read this.