Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Vote NO for the European Union

Well less than 50% of all registered voters showed up to vote in the most recent poll. Man and we thought America had corrupt politics. No one in Europe wants to vote because all of the goverment in Europe is horribly corrupt. This of course is setting the stage for the fullfillment of prophecy in the book of Daniel & Revelations. There will be a revised Roman Empire and of course our friend the antichrist will rise to power by solving the political crisis in Europe. The title of this post is vote NO for the European Union, I say that but no one can mess with prophecy this kingdom will rise up with 10 leaders than the antichrist will take out or expose 2 of the leaders and he will take there place and eventually he will be the leader. Were will America be in all this probably a poverty stricken God forsaken speck on the opposite side of the world that no one any longer pays attention to. As soon as our economy collapses and our goverment folds we will be a laughing stock. Oh no no I am not anti-goverment I am just trying to make an accurate prediction based on the present state of our country. Let us face it America is on its way out and European Union or should I say the revised Roman Empire is on its way in as the World Power.

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Anonymous said...

i agree....no to european union.