Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Area 51 Experimenting with Interdimensional Beings & Demons

It has long been rumored that Area 51 secretly houses aliens and alien technology discovered in a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico. I however have a different theory. I believe that there are indeed aliens in Area 51, however not the type aliens that you might think of in flying saucers coming to Earth from a distant planet. I am speaking of devious interdimensional beings that the Bible refers to as demons.

Many people don't realize this but Occult practice has largely to do with the summoning of spirit beings out of the spirit realm and into this realm. In the ancient days of the Greek and Roman Empires in pagan practice these spirits were known as "gods". Also in the Egyptian culture the same applies.

The Nazi's actually had a department of government that taught and researched mysticism and the occult. Hitler was known to be very powerful in occult practices. After the war the U.S. went into the cold war with Russia and the race began to gather up all the Nazi German Scientist and the like and offered them freedom in exchange for their knowledge. Is it possible that our nation scooped up some Nazi occultist researchers.

Even in the hippy culture of the late 1960's early 70's, the practice of occult became popular among the youth. Such leaders as Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson lead a whole generation of youth culture into occult practices which promised them freedom, but actually released the forces of darkness into their lives. Not only their lives but demonic strongholds have exponentially gripped the American culture since the 1960's counter-culture revolution. Robert Anton Wislon, proclaimed himself to be a scientist that experimented with "alternate realities". Wilson was no scientist he was indeed a witch and a sorcerer who conjured up demonic forces and if he experimented with anything it was occult power.

The question is: "Is the American government or the "powers that be" experimenting in Area 51 with demon powers?" I know that this all sounds like strange conspiracy theory nonsense, and indeed it is a theory, but how probable is it? After all the Nazi's did it and they were able to brainwash an entire nation. One of the main functions of this evil power is to "change reality in accordance with one's will" as stated by Aliester Crowley himself. Has the Antichrist system that controls the world been keeping everyone is a hypnotized state while behind the scenes they are unfolding plans that are catapulting the entire world into Armageddon. I think it is possible.


Anonymous said...

wat u said is correct as far as i have concluded in my resrch
nice work
dont be fooled into thimkimg their

Aaron Eikenberry said...

You're blatantly a square and a nut. A square nut.

Anonymous said...

It's weird. Doing my own reasearch I found that Barbara Bush's grandfather and grandmother were close colleagues with aleister crowley through the freemason order hermetic order of the golden dawn. They were said to have practiced crowley's sex magik rituals. It is rumored Barbara is actually the granddaughter of crowley himself.

Anonymous said...

that's so human of you to think that anything NOT human must be evil

Anonymous said...

Hitler reincarnated one life, but was shot in his twenties in that second life after WWII. He is now dead again. He has taken up spiritual poisoning, the same way the Taliban poison in order to more easily repeat astral travel to other people and places, which he can do from his afterlife. His mind is occasionally read by the Freemasons.

Anonymous said...

See "Event Horizon" film from 1997.

Horus said...

There is indeed substance to the concept which compares the possibilities of ufos and non Human sentient beings as "Aliens, Interdimensional beings, or Demons"
In the end, an "alien" means "not of this Earth".
If a being be from outer, or inner space, or other dimensions, or even "hell worlds, it is perhaps one and the same.
Is not Hell another dimension?
Is not Outer space as wierd as inner space?
The word Demon or, Daemon is Greek for "spirit being"

If spirits exist, are we not also spirits, regardless of the fact we inhabit physical bodies?

Are interdimensional beings not also "alien" to humanity?

I think we are getting lost in terminology and out mistaken concepts which separate the words "alien" "demon" and "interdimensional"

If a being is from outer space or elsewhere or even of this earth, and is malevolent and evil, then is this not a "devil, or demon"?

But yes perhaps we have let something which would otherwise not be here on earth 'seep in".
Maybe this happened with the occult practises mentioned (my personal experiences may agree with this), or maybe the release of the atom bomb opened a Portal?

or maybe the astronomical alignments are simply reaching the point of convergence?

Whatever the case may be, something is definitely occuring, and i am lucky enough to not need too much proof as my personal experiences are presenting me with enough confirmation of the existence of other beings who intend to manipulate the Human race for their own purposes.

It may be interesting to note that serious and successful practitioners of the psychic practise of Jhana absorbtion meditation techniques,as well as those who are avidly interested in UFOs and aliens are beginnning to experience a high pitched sound in their ears (do a google search for :high pitched sound in ears" and youll see both Buddhist Jhana groups and also UFO related sites come up in the results).

I personally have this sound 24 hours a day,like a high pitched hissing in the center of my shead which reaches out through my ears. When i focus on it then other effects begin to occur. I am sure that this is a product of both my interest in aliens and also the fact that i am a long time practitioner of jhana (i was once a Buddhist monk and practised in caves in the forest in Thailand)
I find the fact that the high pitched sound occurs with both people interested in aliens AND practitioners of Jhana meditation to be of great interest and it makes me wonder what connects the two things.

whether you wish to see the current events as the dawn of alien disclosure, or a biblical prophecy, or simply a multi dimensional unfolding, is irrelevant. These are simply different ways to view the matter.

we need to break out of such conditioning and realise that a puffer fish is just as alien and strange as a flying serpent in our skies... all things in all the spheres and dimensions of this universe are here for a purpose and are naturally belonging to cosmic existence. Not just we are endowed with the right to exist and inhabit the cosmos and the spheres of conscious existence.
Maybe we are the demons?

Horus said...

if you run a reel of film showing all the atrocities we humans have done to ourselves and other beings, it is perhaps clear that we do not need to look any further than ourselves to find the demonic entity. I think of the interview dan akroyd gave saying how terrible it is that aliens experiment with and abduct humans and conduct operations on Humans without their consent 'as if they were hamsters"
This is the typical bigoted assumption that we are not evil for squirting acid into the eyes of a monkey or rabbit in a laboratory, but that if an alien did an experiment on us that it is something evil.

How smallminded and one sided.. "we can do it, but they shouldnt"

This is such a conditioned viewpoint .
we are no better than the other "demons"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

At the heart of the worshippers are those who seek to have the power of these interdimensional beings, usually individuals who have a severe inferiority complex are those that try to delve into the realms of the supernatural. However, in thier defence, they are often the victims of the collective cruelty of human soceity, and wish to see some kind of vengeance upon it.

Anonymous said...

(continued) - The Earth is protected by a kind of "barrier" that prevents these entities from fully materialising before us. Our rigid scientific thought is what also protects our collective consciousness, also like a barrier. Have you ever been in the dream-like state between waking and sleeping, you start to see all kinds of things, and the walls seem to melt etc. Even though you are walking in a 3D world, a significant proportion of your perception becomes highly subjective, and you often zone in and out of the real world, and the projections of your imagination. Without these barriers, the human mind would experience such a reality, most people abandon thier imagination, so when they see any being outside of thier natural world, they will see it through the eyes of fear, and thus see "demons". These entities are called "fourth" dimensional, as they are in-between the physical and the spiritual (or "fifth" dimension) and have a bioplasmic or "etheric" presence. Any being "above" that level is the domain of the high frequencies of the mind and the intelligence.

Anonymous said...

(continued) - Of these beings, there are two kinds. The first kind are located here in real-time, and are generally all kinds of bugs and critters, and some more intelligent beings. They are from different dimensions of light perception, and occupy our world in parallel. The beings of this kind that are bioplasmic or "etheric" occupy our world with our energy, and the ones on the "otherside" are less visible, and usually require a trained eye. The aliens that use time-travel appear to us as ghosts as well, because they are travelling so "fast" that they exceed the speed of light from our perspective. They occupy a kind of "tunnel world" of time corridors/vortexes etc. The true higher dimensional beings are in a realm of time that is practically unified, occupying not just gaps in time, but the gap between dimensions of light. Any being above this is pure consciousness, and can communicate and observe practically all beings in existence, the supreme of these beings, being God himself.

Anonymous said...

I believe "aliens" that are present on earth today are interdimension beings and NOT from other planets.

They pretend to be angels but do nasty experiments on us... They have the ability (technologies) to make us feel at home and loved in their presence. Those who believe that they are here to help us are being deceived.

Here's a link for those interested.

Strong Delusion: Exposing the Deception & Danger Behind the UFO-Alien Phenomenon:


Anonymous said...

Actually, you are correct. Only that it is the other way around : God, Angels, and Demons are what we call aliens. So far the US military have documented 57 different species.

Anonymous said...

Yeap, read Ezekiel Chapter 1:4-8 (King James Version), and you will see that he describes God descending from a spaceship.

No doubt it was a UFO he described. The "almighty" 'God' the Christians believe in doesn't need spacecrafts, therefore you have to re-look the translation.

God = Ancient aliens.

rcwthe3rd said...

You have articulated a very plausible argument for what is ailing the world. I also have thought along these lines that the Nazi's had fallen into the trap them selves and I believe the Military Industrial Complex is now a willing participant in these end times.

Anonymous said...

It seems you are affected by an ulterior judgement. From the dawn of the ages man has seek to establish control. The issue is not of whether or not there may be a group seeking to overrun or enslave the race of our beings, but which ones there are and how they suppose to do so.

Anonymous said...

They are not spirits. They are from a higher dimension. They have a physical form. We perceive them as spirits because we are lower level beings. Think of ants and how they perceive us. And they are from other galaxies and plants.

Anonymous said...

How can one find the truth and I do not understand how people can think that something very odd is going on in our world. And I mean most people seem to blinded by the ridiculousness and closed minded theories the people that supposedly " lead and guide us through our lives" that a conversation like this seems to label us as crazy. I am 26 and throughout most of my life, at least the later half where I able to think outside the box, I have felt as if something absolutely terrible is going to happen in our lifetime. Us as humans, with the exception of a small percentage, are the most hypocritical beings I know of. We destroy everything that is of importance to us, everything that allows us to live, things we claim we care for, and eachother. Y is it that we hide the truth and harass the ones who try to show it. Y do we claim to look for " life in the cosmos" but the govts of our world do anything to disprove any video, report, picture, or eyewitness account stating that something is going on. Something is happening and we will all be sorry when it materializes.

Anonymous said...

The truth to this whole thing is that these beings are not aliens from other planets but are in fact fallen angels (demons)who were cast out of heaven and confined to the earth by Michael the arch angel which is Jesus' heavenly name. War broke out in heaven. Satan and his demons(the bad angels)battled with Michael and lost. In turn they were kicked out of heaven and have deeply influenced man to dominate man to his injury. Through man satan and his demons control the governments and through the governments they control the world.

Anonymous said...

The truth to this whole thing is that these beings are not aliens from other planets but are in fact fallen angels (demons)who were cast out of heaven and confined to the earth by Michael the arch angel which is Jesus' heavenly name. War broke out in heaven. Satan and his demons(the bad angels)battled with Michael and lost. In turn they were kicked out of heaven and have deeply influenced man to dominate man to his injury. Through man satan and his demons control the governments and through the governments they control the world.

Anonymous said...

what you're saying many christians have adopted as a framework to understand aliens. however, what many people don't look at is that jesus was interdimensional. he turned into a light body and opened heaven before his disciples. is jesus a demon too, or did he come to show us our true nature? of course i don't believe he is a demon, rather showed us the path towards ascension, to realizing our true nature as light beings.

Anonymous said...

I think aliens of both other worlds and other dimensions exist on this world.

There are stories that we are a lost colony of people from Mars who were esentually human, what some conspiracy theorist call "nordics" and we are a subspecies of them. When they came to Earth because of some ecological disaster, Earth was already occupied by what we know as the "reptoids" who evolved from earth dionsaurs. Together they worked to travel to other worlds beyond the solar system, but there was a lot of corruption and war, particually in the ethic stances on manipulating genes and creating artifical life. The two species tested a dmientional gateway to colonise worlds beyond Sol, but in doing so were met with the creatures we know as the "greys", who reside in the greater dimensions beyond our forth. However these beings had many sides to them, most evil, some good, and things got very complicated. They started a huge war between the reptoids and dordics that wiped out 90 percent of earth's species, and they split up, leaving for colonies around pleiadies and zeta reticulai, however the "greys" are also aliens, and come from both another universe and another planet in another universe, and moving through space, for them, was childsplay.

The battle for what the nordics created, a battle over us, and other experements on other worlds, still rages today.

Reaper said...

@Horus, ringing in the ears, sounds to me like maybe you've hit too many nails with a hammer and given yourself a bad case of Tinnitus..Oh, my apologies, tinnitus is just a government lie to cover up the truth isn't it?

Anonymous said...


this was from a radio show it kind of makes sence if you run it together with this article and scary at the same time there was apparintly a call from the same guy a few weeks later saying it was all a joke but its been said that the voices dont match

Anonymous said...

do your research ppl. this person tells the truth

Anonymous said...

Firstly, before I comment on the original post, let me just clarify on just one bombshell posted twice in the comments. This is a quote from the post > "The truth to this whole thing is that these beings are not aliens from other planets but are in fact fallen angels (demons)who were cast out of heaven and confined to the earth by Michael the arch angel which is Jesus' heavenly name."
Let's have it right, Jesus and Michael the Archangel are NOT the same person, so please take your Jehovah's "witness" misinformation propaganda back to the pit of hell where it belongs! OK justified rant over. The original poster is largely correct however there is no "experimentation" going on as such but rather "manipulation". These demonic entities are controlling and manipulating mankind with the cooperation of many people in "authority". The depth at which few would believe such as mind control from phase shifted craft in the skies to prevent them being detected. They are doing the groundwork and "preparing" the ground ready for when the antichrist emerges onto the world scene as the ultimate "peacemaker" and leader. Many will be deceived, just make sure you are not one of them. If you want to know more, just ask, I'll be watching.

Anonymous said...

The snake visits me in my dreams and I hear ringing all the time. I have always been followed since I was a child. And now as an adult things happen to me that I can't explain. I "dream" of the future with no explanation. Literally. I have no agenda, I don't choose sides, I just want to know why I have always felt this sense of being different. I don't want to blog fight, I just want to know the truth about MY life. MY LIGHT ...

numbereight said...

A (recorded) phone call was made a few years back coming from a hysterical man who had been discharged a week or so before stating that he was working at Area 51. While hysterical and on the verge of crying he stated that the "aliens" which had been on the news recently (multiple recorded clips from various sources of the exact flying "objects") that they were not aliens, instead they are interdimentional beings.

The Area 51 ex-employee mentioned that the government is well aware of these facts and there are places on this earth we could be taken to for safety and yet they are doing nothing.

It was also added that they would wipe out certain cultures in vastly populated areas making it easier to control the remaining humans.

The call then got cut due to the power being shut off (then running off their backup generator), when the "anchor" mentioned that in all the years he's been working there this had never happened.

After a week another man, claiming to be the same person who had made the hysterical call, phoned the "anchor" and appologised for the 'hoax' phone call he had made the previous week.

Although the man on the phone and the hysterical Area 51 ex-employee had different tones due to the calm and hysterical differences of the two, you can clearly hear it's not the same man.

Although mentioning the above, with or without proof, it will make no difference to the human population as, although the end is coming, there is nothing we can do to stop these forces but 'pray' for a quick and painless death.

Ron Paul Revolutionary said...

Yes. The New Age movement and this "enlightenment/consciousness" era ushering in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and One World Religion is highly into convincing us all of these wonderful "benevolent" aliens from Sirius/Pleaiads etc.
(Lots of crop circle pics)

Through my research it all leads back to the same thing - satanism in high places. Satanic sacrifices and all sorts of unspeakable evils.

Bohemian Grove, Skull & Bones, CFR, Vatican Assassins, Jesuits, Luciferian Freemasonry... these are the sick ones who prefer to serve money and power over God.

Area 51 is only one of the many military bases which has these DUMB (Deep Underground Military Bases) where horrific things take place. American culture is steeped in SATANISM.

Satan has convinced most people that he doesn't even exist - or that God doesn't... so the deception is working well, but his time is short.

The military industrial complex derives its power from the obedience of it's slaves (the masses) and our belief in it. Demons absolutely possess and inhabit our leaders and rule governments which is why they require so much bloodshed - which is their sustenance.

WAR is mass murder ritual satanic sacrifice. Research also Earth's ley lines, like 33 degrees, and the places where these atrocities are carried out.

One illuminati whistleblower saw the Egyptian God "SET" (satan) as a 20 foot demon in physical form. Have you noticed how much egyptian/freemason symbolism is around now? The dots to connect are innumerable...

Hold onto Jesus and the power in his name and blood shed for all. We are truly in the last days. Do not fear when they announce a false "alien invasion" and do not allow them to take you away on any spaceships or convince you of your powerlessness.

LOVE is still the greatest power to be reckoned with. ♥

(PS, most youtube, mass media and truth blogs/vids are inundated by PAID elitist trolls who simply try to smear and intimidate anyone who speaks up... ignore these deceived ones who have been hired to distract, mislead and stir up strife... reaping & sowing will take care of them.)

Anonymous said...

The Catholic church teaches that these "aliens" are indeed Demons because they fit the description.

aohus said...

Yes, the elite are occult practitioners. A lot of astronauts are Freemasons. Look into NASA patchworks that didn't make it publicly. They're rife with occult references. Look at our mass media today. Occult themes everywhere!

Government does not exist to protect us. They are here to manipulate us. We are not born free. We just have the illusion we are free.

And there are tons of shills both online and in the media to demonize religion.

Do not trust these Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Kabbalists, upper echelons of Scientology and Mormonism, Jesuits, the Vatican, Skull & Bones, and other secret societies that are here to deceive mankind. They are colluding with non-human entities (spiritual forces) to deceive mankind. The King of Tyre, what a pathetic coward you are. Demons call themselves 'Legion,' according to esoteric texts like the Bible. The Koran talks about these spiritual entities and identify them as 'jinn' or 'smokeless flames.' They give off a smell of sulfur. This is common with close encounters of the 3rd/4th/5th+ kind.

Please look into these sources:

Jacques Vallee (Stanford Research Institute, Paris Observatory)

Carl Jung (and the UFO question)

John Mack (Pulitzer Prize Winner, Harvard Professor of Psychology)

Benny Shannon & Dr. Rick Strassman (the use of entheogens and it's relevance to spirituality)

John Keel (UFOs and it's relevance to Demonology)

Anonymous said...

There is a distinction in the Bible between Demons and Devils. Demons are the spiritd of hybrid angel/human offspring who had bodies that died and can only posess other physical vehicals in order to manifest in this earthly plane. Devils are the fallen angels themselves and can assume either a physical or spiritual form at will, much like the angels that are in heaven. Devils are for the most part the gods of old, whereas demons are the spiritual remnants of demigods and legendary heros. Good post. Keep it up!

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Anonymous said...

A lot of the experiments have to do with people who have the ability to change and convert energy at a cellular level well beyond that of a normal human body. They can convert it beyond the chemical and electrical energy that they normal do into extreme cases of heat, light and even sound energy. It is beleived that they used this abilty to first travel here and are now being studied. The only drawback is their intense allergy to silver. Due to silver being considered pure in many cultures and lores they were first beleived to b demons but are actualy very similar to us.

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Anonymous said...

too bad that the "will of humans" is to believe a lie instead of the truth. and in this case the lie being that 1. assuming we are alone in the universe, 2. that demons only possess willing victims, and 3. that we as humans are ever smart enough to figure this out. people have died over less convincing topics yet, they openly accept just about anything thrown at them (especially a strong spiritual belief that enables, tolerates, or protects occultic practices of modern day so as to try and alleviate guilt) carpe diem? unfortunately you DO have to break down each and every word, especially when your words are what either make or break you, you can curse or praise the same god with those words but you obviously can not control the words you say. those words are pretty powerful when it comes to swaying multitudes of people that freely relinquish their will to what they want to believe in, so as to use others as scape goats. That's were the Bible differs from the occult. Occultic practice is to mislead people by claiming disinformation and further lying about it's origins or involvement. The Bible tells the truth boldy, honestly, from multiple people that God instructed and used to fulfill a purpose and those that practice the occult hate that purpose. it's not that ahrd to break down a word like EXTRATERRASTRIAL. here: let me do it for you since you can't understand or comprehend. Extra = as in superhuman, non human, demon, supernatural: Terra (not terre, because that is a wrong spelling) Terra as in EARTH or EARTH bound, or possibly UNDER the earth: S: (this one should be a no brainer but for those whose brain is already dead it means this) SATAN, as in either himself or those that fell after, LEAVING heaven of their own free will. (remember they were never kicked out of heaven, the nephilim are the offspring of those that left of their own FREE will) and finally the word TRIAL as in yes, a sentence, a judgement from GOD HIMSELF punishing those that rebel against God's kingdom. UFO = under, foot, of course!!! duh. but remember that any time you apply the word UFO to anything means UNIDENTIFIED, it doesn't mean strange creature from another planet who never visited or only briefly visits earth when they feel like crashing a party. with as polluted as this planet is and how stupid a majority of the population is and how we pollute our own dna, why would another special race ever desire to come here and possibly (most likely) get infected just from our polluted atmosphere??? not to mention all the crap in our orbit that WE put there. satelites are not considered space junk?? even if they become obsolete....so why are they still there? so anyhow. GOOD TOPIC. I wish it was NOT so censored, but those that commit occultic practices usually hate mirrors. they hate anything that reflects them or the truth about them so of course they will hate this page and rip it apart any way they can. good luck though and I pray that this truth spreads like a wild fire and that people take the spiritual blinders off so they can see with their own eyes instead of being instructed on how or what to believe in.

Anonymous said...

You are on the right track. But youre focusing on it way too much. All God wants you to do is love him and serve him with all your heart. Ask him for forgiveness of your sins and except Jesus as lord over your life. Dont ever think of yourself as a low level being because God doesnt think that. Thats why Christ died on the cross. I dont care what beings or demons are trying to hurt you. There is absolute power in the name of Jesus. Try to live your lives like Christ and you wont have to worry about anything. Just have common sense. If you're left behind after Jesus returns then you really should be worried but even then there is still hope and mercy from God. Love one another as Christ loves you.

Anonymous said...

Jesus didn't exist. I love when you so called truth seekers completely skip over the research and origins of religion. .. comical

chris ml said...

Everyone should check out the STRANGER Things documentary film,its about

chris ml said...

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