Saturday, October 02, 2010

In sheep's clothing like false prophets, or false to finding

Is full of false prophets. You can find them in the Church and the Church. They can of the Church. They are "the new age movement" and "faith articles very may Christianity. Their program looks very Christian. Any other attitude might be very Christian. Many places your emotions. You may appeal to Christian values. They are very bad. They are a good salesperson. They are very "forcible" is. Is something about them, do not add more than once. Your first impression, "what is wrong is?" or "it is great. Why don't I? "

Jesus in Matthew 24, final, for false prophets to warn you. Before you act on your nothing they called "spiritual tests must be" where to test some of the scams able to escape to will.

1 The appeal of meat and your spirit. ? Has promised a "power" If your meat is fascinating. Humble before it yourself living and True God, if you are calling in the spirit is fascinating.
And to request a 2 quick action or not? the attempt to control it if there is a need to act quickly.
It ignores the teachings of the Bible clear and have a special revelation claims 3. Are you?
4. Jesus Christ and itself to lift or not?
5 Feel to worship the people give the Lord Jesus Christ and prophecy. Are you?
6. Get the impression of this Prophet or similar or drunk is something?
7. Coming to Jesus ' flesh it through is salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ doesn't matter tell us not to admit or not?
8. Repent of sin sinner during or just in and call the emotional experience to give or not? to repent means to end it. We are saved by our emotions. We are saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ's finished work by faith.
9. Call using violent means to meet your predictions and or not? Christians is non-violence.
10. Preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ's doctrine of the Bible, or does not stimulate? if you preach to works of salvation is from God is not.
11. Impression if you don't follow it, this prophecy going to God, and does not do?
Maintaining relationships follow this prophecy was 12 and love between God and man?
13. Is the separation of the unity or Christ Church Body? is not God is the author of confusion. If you scatter the sheep is the devil.
14 Who predicted world, meat, and Satan like Jesus Christ, according to more like people?? Christians it is a representation of the four Gospels like Bible of the Lord Jesus Christ Christianity.

People of God and Christ centered, Bible-based. Send out life in righteousness and true holiness practice. And their entire love God himself as the neighbors. They are the Bible and the teachings of all love. They walk the spirit. That is in their world. They are something of this world to violently overthrow desire. They are waiting for the list to return to the Lord Jesus this world. In the heaven of their nationality. They are all the world a better place to do lessons and examples. Follow the great Commission and great commandment. Through the Lord Jesus Christ to God and others and loving relationship to develop everyone more them.

Look at those who are serving the Prophet or above, one of the 14 participating the false prophet and sheep. Don't be afraid of them. Get related to my "work" for the message does not anyone else. Don't give the time of the day"not seen in the material. Don't let penetrate them centered on Christ, Bible-based Ministry.

We recommend you to stay away from all public activities and learning materials for a pastor people. Do not get the activities on the Internet is recommended, especially those of you who are. They tell me your people and how to detect. You cannot catch yourself, how bad. Preaches the word of God. Live near the Lord Jesus Christ. Good sheep Shepherd the flock that. If you are not in the Bible is not taught or better way matter it may sound to preach. See Jude 2 Peter 2.

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