Thursday, October 07, 2010

And leaders, follow Jesus Christ may lose friends who antagonise!

Not once in the New Testament we seemingly quite shocking to sounds, but whole words sees near-come and compete! pays for more information about the often!

And we slowly through Luke 11: the road to do on Let's read from paragraph 29. When rushing passages of the Bible must be. These chapters are very practical and in these current times relevant it is. Of course, is the word of God always practical and is relevant!

And with increasing crowd is the way to the cross of Jesus Christ. He knows it.

This growing congregation opening words is this wicked generation.

We are living difficult times of the first people. It is important that we recognize and admit it. Yes, these are difficult and dark, but over the life of similar other generations.

People that sign. Jesus has no other symbol prophet Jonah-than Jesus-means sending a preacher in the sacred word of God becomes says.

And he saw people say so. "" People how to antagonise) lost a friend, call this passage - one prophetic sermon

I regret called Jonah repentance to the people make calls. Jesus from his Bible, from these Jew given signature - word - they are from a symbol, Word doesn't want.

Jesus is - 1, decision-- the Queen of Sheba - blame this generation rose Queen of the South. Solomon preach the word of God is at the middle of a round, normal, traveled the world to hear her. To meet these Solomon was her enthusiasm. Jesus say-"A and Solomon larger" to be

Section 32. -The repentance-, see Jesus to the people of Nineveh Jesus the people saw that crowd saw him around, very few sins repent.

Don't believe people will - no - regret their minutes. sho-. The sound is today? greater than Nineveh Jonah sermons, 1 Jonah and repentance. And go and preach and teach and Minister of eyewitness testimony one Jonah you greater than. Not only think you know it.

Life of Jesus and our had problems of Jonah's Ministry! special fish wonder Jesus had the preparation without question about. Jesus was very strong was no doubt--no wonder - sikyeotneunji.

Sandy Shaw

Panel of the children to work, Pastor Sandy show Nairn Christian Fellowship Pastor Inverness prison and Nairn Academy and widely, United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, these past few years 12 visits tours and pilgrimage, enforcement and most recently in care in Uganda, Kenya, pastors and leaders ' seminar, in poor regions traveled to Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa Kisumu around Israel.

He regularly show New Orleans, WSHO radio broadcast, and weekly newspaper column similar to various biblical theme, "Scottish Word comes from" writes to the right the download commentary.

For maintaining the level of physical fitness and run him that D.& degrees, Edinburgh University from him, and continue to exercise regularly.

Sandy Shaw

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