Monday, October 04, 2010

Jesus himself how to know whom instructions is the truth.

And on many occasions been said, "do you think why the interpretation of the Bible must?) there are thousands of other things.

Hope it is. Jesus said many "in the many many false prophets and his name was coming" astray, lead causes the "many" people are Christians is not the assume (Matthew 24: 5 11; 22-23). On the other hand, living in narrow roads, with some on foot (Matthew 7: 14 pm). It is the many fake have been preaching that the true interpretation of all, the Bible of what to expect. Notice from the other one, how?

Jesus gave one way and one way only. He said, "come to attention sheep of false prophecy hungry is secretly clothing, Wolf. You know those fruits "(Matthew 15-16, italics added).

The truth is? do you have reliable way it is?

Jesus would say nice tree cannot bear bad fruit also can bear the rotten wood is good fruit. Once my church's (remains unnamed, Evangelical Church) Pastor wrote the attack "in standard and Backbiting in contrast to the trivial so characterize the Church today, this Christian Congregation, and what to do in the Church, or the testimony of life, love their body balanced life another layout followers harmony", was started, however, because he has to agree to tell us some of his this produced by the amazing fruits are rotten wood went on to say! said Jesus, this was impossible.

Think along the lines of some Christians false prophets, in the interpretation of the Bible we are known and have been. This is true!, according to the false prophet, his sermons generated Jesus known fruit. In fact, he particularly Pharisees because you are trying to determine in the Bible he upbraided. "Your life, to find the Bible because it would have been. However, these are my testimony, I, come and life may be to deny "(John 5: 39 40).
Your own do not determine the fruit in the interpretation of the Bible. In fact, it is vice versa. Determine the interpretation of the fruit, the Bible. Testimony of the fruits of the burden is high reliability. Good wood only produce good fruit says Christ. Interpretation of the Bible's testimony is very reliable low. To see the fruits of what good Bible interpretation it knows everyone.

Is probably too much fight Gospel Christian. Refuse to change, so we do not understand to test our Bible interpretions bear fruit. Signed a good public evangelicals always real evangelical pastor and other leaders to ensure that. Acknowledged that Pastor actually wrote against booklet to us in the above quote many petty Backbiting and self-centered church today characterize. Fruit why bear the message of the Gospel, modifying these leaders in the "living testimony of the Church are required or are people who need their own Bible interpretation cannot see?

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