Sunday, October 03, 2010

Seven ways can detect false prophet!

I Yahoo answers the question asked tonight. If you search those distillation ministries and individuals, and got a big "we tell you how the false prophet who is?" and answers range may but may 7 but want to be.

One teaches something is not the Bible?

Said one answer: "the teachings of the Bible, do not use. Must in its plain and simple, why we read the Bible, and know what is right and wrong ".

This problem is the existence many interpretation of the Bible. However, if a coherent teaching good Bible something someone explains they false teachers and prophets can assume that the.
Said another writer, "" in line God "If you teach lineup they preach Bible (Word of God)?"

Two prophecy come true?

One response said this: "sure, going back and examine the Prophet was wrong they are correct and if

Over time and are focused on making prophecies of some future event, and doesn't come with true prophecy. Note in addition to all the people say not paying the old testament, and that like this. Try some big Christian Muslim Christian world, we got it.

Do you is far only 3, God and his Prophet it?

This points to this point only one answer: "I think I want's to convince people to others to publishing a false prophet would so him to prove that the real. Prophets of the true you don't need to worry about whether to do this. ?

Another "or tend to view their own, and he is than others in Saint features stuff. "These lines along to answer

Simply put this answer is "give all right predictions by God? so if the predictions are in some way man exalts and glory, [do not give the robot bingo! false prophets. ?

How four works?

Are they act Christian?? do not bear the fruit of the spirit, as described in Galatians?

One writer said, "or how to speak? (in regular life or?) or how they live. What is the faith statement? "
Can look at the person's life, spirit of truth, but we immediately funny as Isaiah lying naked on a cannot work, and John Baptist dressing camel hair today weird is possible.

5 It is witness to the inner witness and either.

Says one writer: "the internal monitoring (spirit) is in the spirit of your life connection, and then what say they teach and preach or consent is a prophecy?

We have filters to the truth. Supplementary message is often becomes a prophet, and we believe the error, and this bias to sometimes we fight within the witness and is taught.

SIX or it is leading to the worship of the other?

One writer says: "it is those who try to enable us to worship God clearly, then, false prophets true aside from. It requires false prophet is if you are trying to stop the offer true God and faith in the need to subvert the cause!

But Jesus warned, you try Matthew 7 great signs so-called disciples last in 22nd. However, I would call the lawlessness of his work.

Servants from the true God upset the false prophet one true faith in the last analysis, is trying to enable.

I feel that the modern teachers teach the prosperity Gospel when I can't serve two masters clearly that Jesus said today. You can also use God and wealth. To the teachers a dangerous path to prosperity teaching, contemporary Christian teachings and get lost.

Give freedom received after seven free!

One common thing to do is rate of teacher books and tapes and all kinds of resources. You can tell the teacher worth when he goes out of his his information to an affordable way. Cheap prices were genuine preachers, and many of the Web site to provide a space to provide material, or free from many places.

Not putting some Minister of millions of dollars annually in writing books and resource production and online free and that question is there.

Shows a lack of faith giving them playing some ads. Surely, the God of Abraham, Moses and Paul Jehovah Jirah, a great provider is still.

I pray that refer to it. Read the guide this is a bit, but I'm not naming names, and to need to check for people to listen.

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