Monday, October 18, 2010

Benny Hinn-his false teachers or false prophet?.

I as a prophet primarily growth than many people come to me, about Benny Hinn questions. I think you want to know they are all in his false prophets of the false teachers. Do you know some of my time to these people use something, and all of them the common discovery? they were all of them had been doing mostly nothing. All of them seems to be personally involved in Ministry, and what Paul spoke at busy body. Yet this article all the curiosity there is. This is only my opinion and is not in the prophetic Word from the Lord.

Benny Hinn preached his first sermon to prior to hear the testimony of Mr. he had horrible stuttering. He was claim to preach his friend would be able to endure are members of the Church of Benny so bad that cut off. Friend insisted that preach the Benny any way. Mike has Benny, started talking, and he was cut off in the past, the last time was. God has healed him.

I think he was not the God of Benny stuttering and come back.

I heard a different story about Benny Hinn.

Number of Benny and eating Christian leaders to sudden air mostly manifest presence becomes thick. So thick presence, said stop talking about shared author who also speak. It is Benny Hinn was at that time and have his legs him and should have put his knife and fork, and Lord said. He walked from table left the table, the presence of the Lord. It is simply Benny's story more author gets to the Lord Jesus came that was.

Many people say about Benny Hinn worse. Many people consider the false teacher that he is. To say I am what preacher Benny is preaching to his, all right, but I heard that one?? it to church every week, about the truth of the Bible, see seems to buy the book for more truth. Buy a book and why we go to church? You must know the truth if you read the word of God. We all know the truth and pastors seeking to learn it and book? If this occurs, our pastor, all truth tell will be neglected.

You might say some believe if fair, most of our pastors say that is wrong. It is honestly if we. Such great Benny in he's just because think preacher who should be no errors. Doesn't this because

Benny Hinn the great work and a strong man of God I deceive the people like Dr. Benny, false trying, or false prophet would think I think.

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northierthanthou said...

All prophets are false. more to the point, Benny Hinn is a con artist who fleeces the elderly and infirm. It isn't enough to critique his theology. Something must be about the entire business of televangelism.It's crooked through and through.