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Bible study-mark 1: 1 according to the Gospel - 3

The start of the son of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Mark rather than a formal declaration describing the purpose of the book rather than a statement on the subject of this book.

Let's examine the first verse.

1. Use the Arche Greek word mark is (ar khay ') is trying to get him to the first reader, and "of??

He has written about the beginning of the Gospel.

2. This different from the beginning in the book of Genesis (1: 1) does not.

Genesis account is the creation of the world.
Mark tells us about the fulfillment of the redemption of God's plan.

3 Why [reminiscent of Genesis 1: 1 of the language to use either does not start his Gospel?

The activities of God as a reminder in the history of the world.

All 4 good news "of the word"Gospel"mean what is the Gospel, but do you know.

The Gospel is the man dropped to God's plan of redemption instructions.

5. Roma 2-4, the essence of the Gospel about Chapter 1 section to tell us about?

He is about his Prophet, Holy Bible, his son, to advance as promised his humanity David descendants, sacred of declared Gospel spirit who is son of God has to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead he power: the second coming Jesus Christ. Roma 2-4 (to be written)

It "" clearly whether relief testimony is promised earlier, do not suspend continuous age's father, wrote John Calvin, Gospel promises kept hope people in suspense, at the same time as he is he declared wanted what to expect ago you achieve the God distinction noted this joyful message. ?

That is, through Jesus Christ the eternal plan of salvation God illustrations and bringing forth time is mentioned.

Written 2, Isaiah the Prophet.

"Me to prepare the way of your Messenger, sent to the front"

"Desert, ' prepare the is primarily his for linear path ' in 3 voice of one calling"

Mark wrote perhaps the gentile believers of his Gospel in Rome. Never lack the knowledge of the old testament, so he then's quote with any frequency. 2 And 3 of poetry in his exception is.

Mark phrase you chose to start a verse 2, "and says" Greece, carry the quality that rights recognized by the Romans and Jews. In the Greek world of the 21st century, this formula appears frequently, laws or legal declaration introduction. I think in the old testament in institutions recognized as leader claims.

1. Written about Mark Isaiah "it says using clause.

It was Isaiah and authority.
It came from Isaiah authority God.

2 And 3 poetry is actually the collage from a variety of sources. A quote from section 2, "ahead of my Messenger I have sent" echo Malachi 3 minutes one of the first part.

"Behold, send my Messenger and he me how to prepare before the. Malachi 3: 1 (ESV)

Backreferences to Malachi was looking forward to God and Christ or vide using Word, says Mark was looking for and what does?

This is coming from God.

It is important to pay attention.

This tell me people is they want.

Two of those. 1: 2 Mark, and Malachi 3: 1 John "" to pass a John ultimate message my Messenger "and called.

That the Messiah is coming.

Come to the Kingdom of God.

Section 3 is a more accurate representation of the Isaiah God.

The voice of one call:

"Desert how primary associate ?? field straight, making fast road God. Isaiah God (with NIV).

If included in the General keyword combines the portion of text or text to Jewish teachers was common. Learn Bible teachers, so also mentioned either text, the context was thought was necessary.

Verse 3 "of the one, desert, the voice call 'straight path for him mostly how to prepare a'"

1. Mark Prophet one or what was his calling, or voice calls in the desert was.

Be to prepare the arrival of people of the gods.

2. What do we, knowledge of the Gospel what primary was in to do or to come?

Restore the relationship between God and people.

To say it was 3 people mark come poetry back in one day reflection is?

Jesus Christ-God himself.

4 People for whom what then had come.

Jesus Christ was to provide the path to the salvation of the people come back to God.

"Me to prepare the way of your Messenger, sent ago" verse 2,

Paraphrase of Malachi 3: 1, mark can between his people and Malachi 3: for neat things to configure, would know God come to judgment.

1. They think there is a meaning to tell you what it was trying to mark his Gentile believers?

Jesus is God.

He came and died for my sins.

Means start coming Jesus Gospel age.

In Luke 16: 16-17-speaking role of Jesus himself John

"Up to John was declared in the law and the prophets. And is being preached at that time since the Kingdom of God's good news everyone force like him. On the Remove method of the heavens and the Earth is easier than the minimum of the pen line disappears. Luke 16-17 (to be written)

1. Said Jesus appointed John message?

The Kingdom of God

2. How to enter the Kingdom of God to does not affect the includes John since knows your thoughts?

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