Thursday, October 07, 2010

Leaders need to know Jesus, Church, country, world, is the key to everything.

It is no exaggeration to say no, Jesus Christ took all the keys, Church and State in the world is. Let me explain why I come to this decisive facts.

Now we arrive in Luke 11: 33, and we are going to the Gospel of Luke. The lamp light-is not - even hide it also cover private - maintenance can everyone see the light.

Enlighten lights, so that it. Or can come to our mind to allow many more Jesus light we see we can see the contents. Only some - what they want to hear - refer to what I want to believe what-wanting is appears likely think of tragic.

Jesus the Pharisee meal-invitation to tea. Jesus washing without sat down-they were scared. Jesus people when was shocked. Pharisees were the puritans of the law.

Jesus "you out-but is the concern about cleaning the inside is full of greed and wickedness. "The imagine saying go saw their reaction to the tea house-so rude!

What Jesus was saying-", as well as your heart hand became a God. Your heart as your hands clean?? "also only window dressing?? Jesus that way - ritual - by externals and religious interest is not. They weren't what they tried to pretend, saw Jesus. He was impressed. He published it.

They have tithed Mint, herb ignore justice and God's love. Get the details right of the main things you are wrong.

In paragraph 43, Jesus their motivation is - like you - to as fussed over admitted - dead is the best seat-, the challenges are not aware that the people who come in touch with.

Wonder if not touched this man crucified! how to antagonise who lost friends and speak. Challenge to all religions, empty, meaningless Jesus.

45 Verses. Man is very annoying-"you we insult" the well, at least Yes that was someone.

Jesus answered, "so well, what do we do? is also-made to many laws and rules, and regulations anyone can keep - no. Built monuments - what is preached - Prophet, but his father killed them. When building a monument to them when they they are alive, dead, hated the teacher. Why not? Jesus was what is happening in the world knew. Jesus knew what thought was in their minds.

Prophets of the dead can no longer preach. Preacher of the dead, you can no longer challenge. They add their number to honor martyrs and at the same time. Plaques to prophet-very male construction is then Christ crucified filled.

52 Verses. Suffering with you. God gave the keys, and threw it away. On their own, and do not open the door, who confirmed that got the other key. Was supposed to enlighten, but they have kept people ignorant. If God gave you what will never-never throw!

They throw away he soon was is the - key to open the door to the Jesus-.

In the key - all the thing in-- our country - Church, is the Jesus in the world. If only our leaders and politicians to recognize this is what the world of very us.

Pray for the people in leadership positions those keys may God grant, and open hearts to Jesus Christ.

Sandy Shaw

Panel of the children to work, Pastor Sandy show Nairn Christian Fellowship Pastor Inverness prison and Nairn Academy and widely, United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, these past few years 12 visits tours and pilgrimage, enforcement and most recently in care in Uganda, Kenya, pastors and leaders ' seminar, in poor regions traveled to Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa Kisumu around Israel.

He regularly show New Orleans, WSHO radio broadcast, and weekly newspaper column similar to various biblical theme, "Scottish Word comes from" writes to the right the download commentary.

For maintaining the level of physical fitness and run him that D.& degrees, Edinburgh University from him, and continue to exercise regularly.

Sandy Shaw

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