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What about Jesus say (W W J... S...), or?

Contains the end time, books, articles, debates, translation over thousands of years, so many different theological interpretation. Do you who it is right who is bad?

This series of articles is not worst predictions also live in theological debate. It is our own what is designed to remind the Jesus in the Bible about the end of the next day, in his own words says. This article is to declare a discovery in the word of the good news of Jesus Christ. Hit with this topic in the minds of men both fear and curiosity, but Christ offers comfort and strength of his words.

You should time progress as many people know the truth can find Jesus Christ. And his words walk several days we are most important to. Say about the end of our first Christ, future time to start on this path you must find. He knows that our comfort, our counselors, our guide. Truth not the other way.

Read the following excerpts in this and future posts and my Jesus day photos. Sitting on the grass or on a large rock, Mount Olive crowd. Sun shines on you, and the wind your skin gently brush. Poised to listen you have probably ever heard your friends or family members, the most amazing truth is sitting around you.

Call the Messiah, Jesus Christ they have heard the rumors of this man, "to see yourself as you listen now. His word is started to listen every breath on the curiosity you mind races. Words of meat and the man even start the questioning of Jesus himself. Ah, but resistance to rest your mind of what you know. Speak the truth of this man.

Has brought something here, something beyond my talk something your mind. The "not only believe it these know that was chosen to hear the word simple is deep.

Before reading, please God, gifts. This is a know truth from a lie. Ask now whether Jesus is there to teach you, for this moment. Applying the words of these holy spirit today occur in what your life to the description I'd.

Mount Olive Jesus of melancholy.

"Left the Temple of Jesus and his him when building to call came up with his disciples walked away '. See all these things? "and asked. ' I, truth is one stone here will leave another; all throws down one. '

Was sitting on the Mount Olive Jesus ' disciples he came to private. 'Tell me,' they said, ' this will happen is has come to end at any time and the sign and age of what?

Jesus ' response: ' Watch, who deceives). Many claiming Christ 'I' lie many and your name. It is a war of wars and rumors of it don't worry to see. Should these things happen, but is yet to come last. Country rose for the Kingdom for the Nations and kingdoms. There are various famines and earthquake. Is the beginning of the pain of childbirth for all of these.

' Handing to the death penalty, and persecute you and kite, every country is hated for me will be. Is to enable the faith at the time many are from, displays, and many false prophets, betray each other hate lie many people. To grow in love for the increase of evil is the coldest, but he will be saved people firmly standing until the end. As a testimony of the Gospel Kingdom world be preached to all countries, and that will last.

' ' Is desolation, abomination ' of standing in a holy place, when Prophet Daniel--to, told readers understand through--can and will flee to a Jewish mountain. To take something out of the House on the roof of the House of whose care you can go down. You can return to anyone get his mantle in the field. What is frightening to those of pregnant women and nursing mothers!, never taken flight winter or Sabbath pray. It is great pain, again in comparable world now--, never from the beginning there are incomparable. Would be if and when it is cut short not to survive who was elected for faster. To everyone you, ' look, here is Christ! "and, at that time, or does not believe it ' he!". False to imitation and false prophets will run show great signs and miracles also elected--that was impossible in deceiving. And I have told in advance to see ". Matthew 1-25. ADULTERER

This is the first of a series of articles at the end of the corresponding is. It is not what this is horrible, in unity together because as Christians to guide informs. to share your comments, please feel free.

Obtains the Bible at throughout this series. Ask to give the gift of discernment, and guided the spirit and open to the Kingdom of heaven.

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By disciple of Christ written article: fellow
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