Sunday, October 03, 2010

Prophet leadership and often require leaders the prophesy.

We don't realize the full value of prophetic value leaders?? Prophet is an important key figure.

In Luke Chapter 1 and section 34, will be energy, Jerusalem talk about references, Jesus, and he killed Jesus would knew was going to Jerusalem. Peace city male God of religious people, prophecy-of about reconciliation and heal and men came from the word peace of God can save and rescue-to and bring peace of mind and heart-the country killing of was.

Jerusalem stoned, and was killed by the Prophet of God. Back also our chapter 11 47 read next.

The Prophet, great in the eyes of Jesus important. His words sent from God-man is message. Enhance them-, to recommend to help them - that person's words-to build. Words of the prophecy, light and dark areas but the read way too. Peter tells us in his letter.

Jesus-in light of the world light also said to us, it is. Bring the various ingredients need us to hear from the people God come in the word of prophecy, and received, and, we need to always receive the message-we at words needed at that particular time.

Beloved son Jesus Christ and God and our Savior was prophetic figure. John 5: 7, 40 he ' a great prophet ' and referred to.

Announce who listen to the Prophet and God knows. He actually nothing-he is only being told the message - telling your words it-- look at the artwork, silent - or smile or frown.

God is something that is new, fresh he usually, Prophet, world scene sends. Before preaching Jesus Christ came, God sent John the Baptist John. People did what? Yes, many reactions-many people organize and clean-up-cut his head to their lives, and imprisoned in the Prophet.

Was in the age of Jesus. What is not exaggeration to Jesus to say here. Dead men who were conducted hundreds of years - God of Isaiah - Jeremiah - Amos - Ezekiel - ignore, ostracised, denial of Sling.

Yet, our? who longs really the prophetic Ministry who exercise energy Prophet??? calls costly and read our job descriptions and pay-the call solitary call a painful in all sorts of ways, painful-is.

Jesus here is the prepared for facing the prophecy Jerusalem and relief for payment. Raise the person Prophet - Word - will communicate with message, and send the God - of - God God's love will continue.

People prophets God sends you a message that this word has burning his bones. Talk about Jeremiah. He is what is passed to him regardless of personal costs from God hear.

This is we have so today-loud prophetic voice is required in our country-where it-hearing God's voice is increasingly difficult with too much noise, and became aware of God's voice more difficult.

Prophet servant rise as the living Lord Jesus Christ. He has insight he can see things clearly, and he have courage to declare a say about what God these things.

Prophets, God is alive-Jesus is really about church-care, and to worry about the world following the sign,-Prophet of the Prophet and God who turn back, send in the world.

The Prophet had never blurred. What they say they had had a sharp edge. They were always clear is accurate - brief-. You are exactly what was declared saying Prophet knew. He was the KEY. 11 Chapter poetry 42.

Why ignore the people and so tragic that this silence, or the Prophet's stone. You should probably another door to lock or unlock specific door they throwing God key.

Words of the prophecy is in many cases, some dilemmas-is the key to unlock key to some problems. The Prophet came and said "God". Should remind people that God ever to appear on the scene, if there is a prophet of the certified, surely it now soon is required. Who has wandered far from the unique Ministry of the Prophet of God true man, denial of God Almighty God's Word and his way. Speak and looking for more, waiting for a real man official and authoritative. Would be amazing as a result of impact and national moral messes sinful situation was cleansed suddenly.

Sandy Shaw

Panel of the children to work, Pastor Sandy show Nairn Christian Fellowship Pastor Inverness prison and Nairn Academy and widely, United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, these past few years 12 visits tours and pilgrimage, enforcement and most recently in care in Uganda, Kenya, pastors and leaders ' seminar, in poor regions traveled to Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa Kisumu around Israel.

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