Friday, October 15, 2010

Without honor except in his home and his own House-by Matt 13-57, Prophet.

Seek the Lord really if you knew the tears you requested one tests that need to pass Prophet is pain I or my life, I never would have failed. There is hope that decision had dead I almost three years of heaven, and later I really hurts, but it was still right this statement by Jesus? Read...

I met my first about Apostle four years ago. He was the meeting of Jesus himself. 3, After the he and I to him in my eyes tears and "I'm going to miss the Mutu" he gave a great big laugh and I smiled and said, "Matthew mistakes I, there is Jesus!"

Listen to man God his ear 6 hours a day, and is poured could return for another 3 hours at night so powerfully. Once I pour this man, once I have someone of any salary, was watching, it wasn't our met in the province. Him about the pastor was correct and it is spirit and thought I was able don't, and I was right I had told the real meaning of answering questions about 50 of my poetry. I have received the grace to this man.

Was explaining to him [1, he has his own church every week wife and where children would never explains his. I asked why, he quotes me this teaching title poem.

About 16 years ago, I have two mental illness is bipolar disorder and schzophrenia, my mother knows how to manage their illnesses, and I all night and stay until all the next day and she cannot always to me into her head. When I put my mind at night me and my quite productive, I I publish date appears in article and is very busy.

4 Months before Jesus Christ he is going to a new anointing to me was, and was time to stop the ringing and finally leave home to stop ringing my mother said. 4 Last months my life in her without pretty hard for me, and yet title is appropriate. Even if my mother can see their own shortcomings, she she many of the prophecies of my life reading future God I cannot think that.

I honor in my mother's House. Only with his head in the clouds I illness mental ill son and his mental illness and he he who got to be loose believe will change the world of God this year, great.

Explained that the thought that my mother and she know too much about me, but her she is very good I for the first time to admit was. She is her first sermon I good will and told me that I did not.

I think you need true prophets to verify outside one of his reputation to his Church, he grew up his stuff simply he a little strong and are a little angry, but must be able to new family with new sister and his love brothers. I disagree and I say you are with them, what is in the life of their teachers teaching come from the devil you know great insight, Bible mental illness is not of the Holy Spirit.

Them call and he has taught for many years they repented true Prophet of the Lord Church sent incorrect always the main doctrines may sound like glamerous work life of the Prophet, but you need to refute.

If you think you want to become one, think again.

By following Jesus is I lost my son. Have now lost my mother and father. I it than demanding to get think that!

Get upset when you ask some of them Jesus, anointing, and mostly they are humble point can carry such anointing, refining fire place. You more humility and God more obedient pour shake, reliable in a huge world view.

Therefore all young training Prophet. Things to do in my trying to show the warning I, hot and happening for you hot and difficult until can give God all the steps and stop and go just difficult for you.

The blessing.

Matthew Robert Payne

Matthew Robert Payne was raised Baptist, Pentecostal Church worship at the Salvation Army now baptized. 4 Years, he operated Web site to provide free personal prophecy, and free prophecy Matthew today doing a wide range of educational videos, and articles of prophecy, and this teaching is Matthew and his 600 + articles continue reading: links to please can find to read. You can request.

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