Sunday, October 24, 2010

To the premises of the Prophet's life and his or her "...

A few years ago, taught five times of the Apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastor and teacher of role and I sat down to God in the life of friend and I had hoped for sending by e-mail story to write.

Jesus brings the people do not know him as the Evangelist light I die told her.

However, there is a need to drop the region and how to witness to my friends and I came to church when I way to advertise the spiritual conferences exist an audience of non-Christian church people to educate, but I knew before I.

However, when you send a righteous life and obtaining people witnessing, and share their faith, to overcome fear spirit walk, testimony of life knew that should teach you all how.

I thought there is a need to inform on a regular basis and could I go to church once, pastor, church pastor fractal to answer their questions, and follow these steps to guide you.

I'd want to save the people. And I saw intimate exchanges between Jesus and the father of signs and wonders in life know Jesus, people come to crucifixion mine.

To do it all and I'm writing you wanted minimal Prophet that I worked. Then had to go to find a way to work is what Prophet.

If it brings a great word Church church and outpourings of peace and prosperity and holy prophets of so-called to only message, yet the average Church to get that wealth tithe and sent to stop the regrets from sin filled the spirit live on in the world, back service that enables the spiritual life is.

Prophet Amos says about the true Prophet.

Amos 5: 10 (new version)
10 The hate twit Gates alone

hate people speak uprightly.

This Bible says hate Prophet twit God's people are the people who live in lukewarm lives to God, not happy. They hate a man speak God you all the time, and money provided. Considers people say there is a need to stop gossip can forgive your enemies and they ignored the poor people, and hate. Listen to the messages that they need to repent in their disgusting,, hates the doctrine to ignore God no monogatari education.
Prophets of the true evil times known as fools, and struggling.

Hosea 7-8 (Amplified Bible)

Reward 7 the, visits and punishment has come, come; the Israel knows. Prophet is [and] crazy idiot and inspiration is a man [treated done it, angry or so because of the abundance of your iniquities fanatic and hatred, hostility and persecution is best.

8 Ephraim my God [around the country to the Prophet, and intended to be a watchman; fowler trap are all the way of the prophets, he he. Is in the House of God hatred, animosity and his persecution.
Reject the teachings of the Prophet as many people to find me. Locate the small number of people to preach is not stored as a evangelist I participated in my. As a teacher I find most satisfied with the teachings of my people. As a man of God and my happiness is glad God.

Remuneration of the service.

Today Michael arch Angel and a Gabriel I escorts on my right hand side at the left on my church. Church at Mary worship of Mary Magdalene from Abigail biblical before primarily of Ballet danced, and open the spiritual eyes of them I as a contribution [appeared to two people. Tonight late Mary is my good friend prophesied, and she told about mail through the words of comfort.

Yes, the life of the Prophet can be difficult. 1, I invited some laughing people with my church, and have been inspired by, but I in many churches, message me and I hate knows that.

To take care of yourself.

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I hope to hear from you, but I don't your life from this, bless!

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