Monday, October 11, 2010

Or God did edit Bible? SEO case about why Jesus left Bible, Bible, what in you?

There was more than 30 written not believe Jesus Gospel. Probably the most known two is the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. On paper suitable for an appropriate time, that was written in the frame of the description in the appropriate text in the right place to find has been authenticated, but over time. Many of these other aspects of the only four Gospel to deploy authentication, four Scriptures Bible. Why are certain Scriptures, more important than the one's in the Bible, left, why are certain knowledge or keep secret is? what was that man was forbidden to say Bible secret knowledge (gnosis)??

René Descarte, 17th century a great philosopher Catholic and he attended to the Catholic Church. He talked to many in the Church of God had been. He would like to know that these teachings and who had come to institutions. Catholic Church was a sacred place in Holy Scriptures had said. I wanted to make sure to think for themselves and René Descartes, the interpretation itself. Told him to go to church, and to display such a sacred document, so that only certain official religious leaders of high rank was impossible. Well, René Descartes) accepts no sho-. He said if he is a sacred document cannot see he couldn't believe his teachings. He was expelled from France. Be in 1663, Roman Pope wonderful works of all deployed index of banned books.

All the prophets including Jesus has not structured religious sermons. Caste Temple cult and clergy of no religion. Miss the point of Jesus was? is said how to worship God with all our religion others or yourself listening to us from God. Be honest this is my question must own requests.

Jesus in the Bible

"Is there where light shade. "" Not and lamp light table underneath and cover it. Place on every table to see the light. "
But Peter said, he really Maria to women, we know did you speak? we could hear her?? he than her than our interest in you?

"And Mary Peter, cried" my brother, I so far or if I lie about Jesus, and believe? "

Leviticus 16: Peter, "you are always quick to anger. See as a respectable women and contempt right now I doubt it. Do you think anyone is enemy of disputes her testimony is? Jesus we doubt her to her upright if? Jesus she even than we should know more.

And he taught one of Jesus you know patients, our weaknesses, and we can. We... his language and can he not declaring a law other than ordered! " disciples [and dissolved, began teaching his Gospel.

This final segment is from the end of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. She is the mother of Jesus was the other woman crucifixtion.The he was two.

Also do not determine past God he (until we created it, by the way, no. ) Does not determine the future. God determines stand at that time. Like God, and forget the past. Starting from this moment. Your own control, God comes the condition of the comfort of your own mind. Giving you what God you.You, enjoy the pleasures of greatness is the universe's greatest living. There is a great gift that perfect control: your own mind.

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