Monday, October 04, 2010

Let's talk about Jesus!

Facebook is one of the world in the most popular social media Web site. This platform of hundreds of thousands of new subscribers every day become one. Recycle! Bible is the sale of all publications of the world's number one. Recycle!

The coming where are you?
Facebook, so about it something attractive, has become more popular. Rather what Facebook to break the company, or impact to the business community is spreading. By the same token, the Bible, so a powerful age of it: publishing sales top. Have a significant impact it lives! You shall prosper, and heal your! to the person who is not Facebook it is rubbish. Likewise, Jesus is not someone Bible trash....

I know this must be the Bible is that for all the people of Jesus day! first page from, finally!
Has been affected by actively Jesus from time immemorial in the lives of millions of millions of people. Number of prosperous Church at healing: Jesus Christ's body. Why the Church miracles are trapped? You're right! not wonder good and yes it is talked about in the Church only!

Incidentally, Church Assembly of people that talk about Jesus! Church is limited in some buildings. Church gathered group of your friends and family members to talk about Jesus!

It shall follow the signs and wonders when talking about the Bible says Jesus. Miracle happens when nutshell, speaks about the person of Jesus!

[Or why miracle is prevalent in our time. Yes, that's right again right! is you don't talk about Jesus it is, is on the cross Jesus. In the books of the early Church Apostles were very powerful!

Cure disease handkerchief Prophet! deaths occurred! what Grace Ministries of our attitude and the Apostle Paul? this was: I click on the cross Jesus and Jesus is, don't know anything else except to resolve. (1 Corinthians 2: 2)

I this day I except Jesus Christ to others know nothing to resolve the transfer, and then on the cross that Jesus declared!

Apostle line of books also acts recorded have been warned again (acts 4: 17 pm) speak its name.

What the Apostle Peter's response? this was: "and now, Lord, threaten them Behold: and to give thy servants, all may speak in a stretch of thine hands heal thy Word as bold, and, may thy Holy child Jesus name, signature and marvel. "(Feature 4: 29 minutes - 30).

Of this, the same please!

Heart of terror, Pharisees) struck when explained the wonderful name of Jesus. And the name of what? this: "hath God's given name is the name on all God very noble, Wherefore: Jesus name all knee, things under the things in heaven and on Earth and the Earth with bow stuff that". (Philippians 4: 9-10)

And diseases in the name of Jesus should go to illnesses! must disappear the names of Jesus and poverty are missing! need to bow the downside of all great Jesus name!

At this point, sickness, disease and disaster came from God to know is no sho-. Mankind is rumored ???? believe this lie is! die either is or is not will of the father.

Hard Satan from it until now, has been working to tarnish Abba father loves good reputation. To stop talking about the elderly use tactical fear of Jesus is that Satan: fear of ridicule and shame, scorn, and rejection.

Do you so why Satan hard it to stop us from talking about Jesus? It is necessary to hide secrets he is.

What secrets do? this is it. More than two thousand years ago to Satan suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Jesus! unlocked Satan! Satan was stripped of all his! lost domination of mankind Satan! (Colossians 2: 15 pm).

When Jesus was crucified applied, he imagined the Satan has won the battle of God's ultimate. Imagine the Satan and his world and humanity have rule forever. I thought that with his deep desire to become God Satan.

Expected to Satan, at least those were. Jesus poured when Jesus was crucified applied on the cross is all of the judgment of God for eternal sin of all body! more than today, does not remember their sins and lawless acts, God (Hebrews 10: 5). From the East West as long as in the past we disobey ?? (Psalm we) from deletes.

He is torn apart so when was Jesus flogging, tall man's flesh, he took away all the sick and weak stroke all holes. In his stripes healed. (Isaiah 53: 5)

3 Jesus died, he went to the depths of hell. He sank in the minimum depth of Hades: minimum pit, dense, dark pit. No he is God, arrived in the Kingdom of his soul Sheol, death came. He was useless (Psalm 88).

He had a whole host of hell he is beyond human imagination was going through the agony, suddenly, he justifies and alive,! again threw the host of darkness he will put them into nothingness. He was paralyzed and the ability to respond to the death of his. (Hebrews 2: 14).

Jesus was the master of all hell. He is sovereign and ?? instrumentation solutions regardless! He has them openly, triumphing on top of that was. (Colossians 2: 15 pm).

You may recall a scene if punch, nailed it ultimately on the cross when Jesus to flogging spit spit, sees the movie the passion of the Christ.

I sense of suffering enormous bitterness when these scenes slightly during 3 days, 3 nights, Pitt was in Jesus took on our behalf, drawn!

The only difference is this. It is my and your heart image.

Can Jesus suffering under pain all had to imagine the Satan laughing his mind, but he was all dark suddenly broke free, all hosts that they bashed and he trampled under slammed his feet on the ground before Satan in his neck, then fling held!

Shaking Satan and totally in shock, humiliating defeat of the truth of his trembling absorption!

This call is: "he first, laugh last laughs!"

It is the Lord Jesus was like sang this song: "you are caught by surprise. Your life didn't change forever! "

Devil's life was changed to eternal damnation.

You can change the life of our answer the eternal. Just as well as in heaven now is right! and when raised from the dead was the victory of God Jesus ' ultimate! what was the winning! Jesus do for us what can is coming! became the absolute master of evil forces are defeated Satan is Jesus, and! he went with us and we!

Now, why Satan is so afraid of talking about Jesus, can see!

His master, Satan, to know that you don't want no!

Of Satan is trying to deceive us into believing that still have a mastery of our he defeated foe is! he in the management scope to stop us from knowing the Jesus story, to the extent he dominated our power the.
Satan will succeed as long as we can in his only.

Use the Satan is trying to deceive us to send to his pseudo power any type of situation.

But now I know! I stand on the word of God! I victory of Jesus; of my standing in the truth of eternal victory! of Jesus the good news is no?. Put all these in mind, that why I Jesus is the good news is that Gospel talk about embarrassing you need? "In shame is not for the Gospel, that salvation unto power is".

It is not salvation only to enter Heaven. It is sick, sick, weakness, pain, short LACK is a relief from poverty!

Have a history of all!

"Is coming Jesus must have experienced life than I" now, I have good life is (John 10: 10). it stands between what LACK and abundance is: Jesus is doing for you accepted!

God: "the life and death, I placed before selection therefore choose life". And you get a personal Savior Jesus, Sin and revived moment believe died three days later; is yours forever abundant life now and eternity!

Everyone list new creative; the old ones are gone, and behold, was all that the new! what is your choice?

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