Monday, October 04, 2010

Return of Jesus Christ-the signs your do you prepare?

Gospel-has been deployed at the end of the Earth also known as good news. Since the establishment of Israel through the Christian permeate the world. From Hebrew, Aramaic, Greece-to disciples was born in Bethlehem Messiah-about of truth is detail while traveling, in ways that the Messiah returns disciples proudly share the human nature. At the time of Christ in the world (this is world population 6,000 billion now estimated that people (US Census Bureau), to consider this Nova.Net) by approximately 300 million was-2,000 years is amazing to realize that the past the followers of Christ's Gospel spread. None, there are many signs listed ago Christ's return, Jesus Declaration itself more than more clear. When the book of Matthew Jesus ' disciples pointedly, he "we these are ye asked liable to account for what's coming, sign of the end of the world must be?" Matthew 24: 3. Yes some of mark told the disciples here.

"Anyone, many because it deceives especially to listen my name be enforced". (Matthew 24: 5) many men are especially cult-the Jesus claimed, and many surprises in this statement, hundreds, even thousands of people of these false prophets in their own disadvantage willingly performs. Those who believe that in 2007, a CNN Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda, he is God did report. To this day, and by de Jesus stands firmly on his beliefs, and thousands of members from 30 countries.

"Disliked ye my name for all countries shall. "(Matthew 24: 9) (Satan)-obvious spiritual attacks from the enemy country from period to another there at the current time is a strategic Christian okachimachi vilified. In any doubt, a follower of Christ such a large target? why is located on the back of your? is not Christian persecution in quaint tactics from the past. On July 24, 2009 North Christian women, RI Hyon Ok, Bible to distribute just 33, Duke died. We hates Christians this belief was born Christian is true in Bethlehem, named Jesus of Nazareth, the son of God. Burned house family refused to August 2, 2009, Pakistani Muslim converts to Christianity. Visit shows the soul of the brave people that share when facing the risk of faith testimony of, Web site. is faith in Christ 100 will be presumed to be suffering from more than one million Christians.

"A lot of iniquity; many love cold wax stuff and the. "(Matthew 24: 12). Constant bombardment of brutal murder, rape porn, shock completely evilness is many of the world of ordinary people to become insensitive promotes. According to all the media running rampant iniquities have proven especially among our young people but anxiety, and violence is clear. Part of the recent headlines: "seeing the police suspect in robbery beating, 100-year-old man" holding teen stabs 3 young brothers and "pregnant moms Stabbed in newspapers"

"All this Gospel Kingdom all world Nations; shall be preached unto witness in the effect from the end. (Matthew 24: 14). The power of the Internet allows low-cost distribution of the world's most powerful book. Is a Web site devoted to build a platform that can make a Bible teacher research material reads it everyone in the world, and so you can download it free of charge. Basically, everyone Internet and mobile devices will receive with the touch of your fingertips Gospel is. Reported to the advancement of the technology to allow the Gospel to the Washington Post will be preached in the whole world. Solar power device known as the stick can listen to the Bible Bible audio recording post also explained.

According to the Bible Forum Agency International since 2000, Bible Bible speaker, as well as 3-5 of the world's population has been translated into the language of more than 600% left. Technology is spreading the Gospel of musical instruments.

Since its release the 1979, has translated into Warner brother Jesus film 1000 or more languages (Washington Post). How nice it this generation will have the opportunity to witness to the Gospel is preached to the ends of the Earth.

Via completed Bible mobile phone offers millions of people.

Translated into various languages by Bible 71 of Linguistics, the Summer Institute.

Wycliffe Bible translators very practice is the new computer program according it Scriptures 1-3 years in the native language to translate. is visually record missionary efforts successful progress bring the Gospel to every corner of the Earth.

You can if you monitor the symptoms described one Christ see on the horizon is imminent return clearly one. In the Gospel of the Kingdom to preach even remote locations on the Earth most. Know that really only God the Lord returns, but Jesus said, "but know this would have to split if you knew the good home what would watch a thief who he sees, and his house. (Matthew 24: 43) ". This scenario is in front of the return value of a similar sign is largely share the human race in what Shonai ignored and has. Caught it cares, certainly, it is easy, but the world of the current economic situation, in particular. However, if you are robbed the opportunity in the House of your soul and eternal Lord forever dwelling to spend what price payment do?

Prosecution of Nevada, New York, author and mahogany apocalypse is released from her latest book journey to salvation, praised the reviews from readers. A novel published in Nevada results have been well worth the wait. Purchase a publication of the novel about her decision, memorable two, not trying to prevent.

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