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Prophets, teachers, miracles, science and technology

The second prophecy in the gift of Paul (1 Corinthians 12: 27 pm). We know that people have this gift as a preacher. Prophet job shows, gifts, gifts, and apply to the Church of God's people Bible (as no new Testament Bible New Testament-Old Testament also) of the Bible to multiply of the Apostles, to explain that it was. Bible was completed, it was available, and had declared the country all the Gentiles of people around the world to be. Role of the end of the role of financial results in the Canon of the Apostle and Prophet was done in the first church. Indeed, is the main work of the Church of all is the word of God preached.


Paul list taught the following gifts. Had to incorporate into their lives Bible teachers are people. Teacher's Guide, train and other disciples. Class sermon is a by-product. Education takes to the next level of sermons. Sermons education includes application of assimilation and Word if there is a declaration of the word. To master the subject before to teach the teacher, master to help others. For this reason, the first job of the teacher learning.

Every Christian is called to teachers. My husband is teaching his wife. In the parent is to teach children. Older students is to teach young students, etc. Class is the main staple of Christianity. Every Christian, just as well as the teaching that the richness of the point of fullness and faith faith should be. Not only the essentials of biblical doctrine of Christianity all the amazingly detailed, is the story of the whole of the Bible. "Profitable one God in the Bible for all and education for opinion compensation, and training righteous..." (2 Timothy 3: 16)


Next to Paul's list is a miracle. But what I didn't say that was previously stopped miraculous results in the Canon of? is I said is true. However, it is not the whole truth. Why not? It is because it is not at the end of the Christian Canon, close. Is not it God Christian mission was the beginning of the whole world. By John Paul inclusion gift list on miracle was Jesus ' instruction results at 14: 12: really, because really, I believe anyone to tell you and me, and if you work, and larger than these works he is my father is scheduled. James on teaching: you work the same, rather than only the faith of people justified to "" (James 2: 24).

Might say with poetry words "works" use where Paul word "miracle" is the beginning is not certainly, they are in the same Greek word. Nevertheless, two poetry and meaning of intent is the same. Paul means power, use the word dunamis. Use Word miracle (dunamis) Paul called here in Christ's power go out, change the world. Paul was talking about Carnival trick and healing of aunt Sally pain elbow. Had been talking about how to use the wisdom in Paul holy book provided portrait of Christ to change human culture and society. Paul was talking about human effort in the world fell into the application of the biblical principles and truths. Had been talking about walking about life spirit to extend the Mission of the Bible for regeneration of Paul that God used to accomplish God's Church, the purpose, to reach the world.

Miracle was in flashlight, dark welcome by the completion of the light of Jesus Christ and the Bible is no longer in the light of Christ was necessary by. Once again, the torch is in the light of Christ flashlight is work that it was no longer necessary, stop, in the dark like too much work, miracle is not. However, note was the miracle of flashlight light was a miracle if the Christ light infinite large percentage. Flashlight, light of Christ was simply left.

Is the miracle of tongue. Properly understand, we heterogeneous saying in in eliminating and speak without malice to Canon, close the Gospel-as began in earnest "regenerate the story of God--(spoken and written language) to foreign translations of the tongue (language) to the. Similarly, the miracle did not cease also results in the Canon does not. Is not, we provided the platform to start only the light ends the miracle of the new generation of Canon, previously unknown miracle new types, manifest, Trinity Christian miracle. Indeed, the application of the understanding of the Trinity of God as Trinity understanding of reality at all and miraculous world about changed science and technology development to brought.

Science & Technology

That science and technology today called the first century Christians says and miracles is no sho-. I think what assumptions as per previous today in other periods of the history of mankind to ensure miraculously considerations described. I am talking about modern communications, transportation, media, agriculture, population growth, such as. From the time of Christ world 8-1 and think about the conversion of the century, from the perspective of the first century short miracle in particular to ensure that what is not is. This is the gift of miracles was Paul's list.

If the rest on the list of Paul's gift of centralized together order is important, "[gift healing, support, management, and various type tongue of" 9) (motion). Order of the previous gift list is important. The most important Apostolic was writing in the New Testament. The second was the preaching of the Gospel of the New Testament. Gospel was the third to the teachings of the Bible. Be a direct result of their preaching and teaching--and a--miracle. Change the world forever absolutely better than the Trinity evangelical preacher and Jesus taught.

Philip A. Ross leads the Church and many Christian books for over 25 years. He is from the document historic Christian Church fall founded in 1998. Ross is effective against the Apostle Paul Christian secular, action his book is 1 Corinthians Arsy Varsy--Gospel playback capture.

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