Sunday, October 03, 2010

Is your Office Prophet or such called??

Who likes it different to other people?
CEC believes other people in the circle of your friends, do you like?
Enjoy the idea of your church today and how God is truly believe and feel and solitude in?
Do you who can see the lack in Holiness Church it?
Too much and he to do anything to Christ are committed?
Jesus or do I hear God speak prayer times clearly in your mind?
Do you have a vision of Jesus in the angels of heaven.
Body with a holy God could really Holy fear Christ and its right to stand?
Do you prophetic it gifts and other gifts spirit?

If you replied to some of these questions is called but Prophet offices.

Fair warning I, offices can you don't need. Often looking at times, the word that, contrary to what is done in the Church. In many cases, the only one who knows the feeling for you to do. Often people with your passion you have Jesus and the father is not searched. And others compare the story of Jesus and walk but you know, as well as feel the presence of God among the stroking changes may have.

Good crowd who goes to Church church, and is not well meaning prophet as prophets. Disconnect the Prophet his belly and Word is the fire of God writes like a sword comes from the mouth of his or her teacher.

Not to enrich the message calls may sound appealing to God preach; when many people need, and the world hungry for money's in the Bible, the world's wealth and third world really could handle is not. Enriching Word undefiled, make will know the existence of the measure without God is to preach to God in your life with Jesus walk master authorization is not.

Jesus a prophet he not was the Prophet of the profit. I put all that has given the collection plate today exists in many speak more than false false words and cotton candy prophetic words.

Young prophet as my mind is, sorry state of the Church. Sorry, Church to people who are your friends around the world in my mind and God's enemies. My mind, sad lack of sacred today have been preaching. My heart is simple Grace today been preaching of sorrow. I'm sorry that I enjoy, with ordinary people Jesus and father and two way conversation.

Given the wealth of all the world I immediately with all the money I already what poor and give back. Know the life of your father and he satisfied with your and his perfect to the pleasure they know you are walking.

Whether by Rick Joyner Church, around the American people know the giftings, only 10% of the Church knew giftings discovered that are looking for. He's discovery of 10 percent of these spiritual gifts, was walking only 10% of them knew. In other words, 1% of people walking, gift, or church??

Is the gift of prophecy? do you like it. To get the gift I pray you for I give you, write to me and on my website, use the gift experience.

Come on.

Is the gift of Paul prophecies up.

Come and get it.

If you have the gift online using our Web site, come and.

Or know more of the Prophet?, write letters to my question.

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